Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grand Opening of My Store

Since I've been going through my STUFF, I realized I need an outlet to either sell some of this STUFF and give me a "healthy" reason to be shopping :} Or, if it doesn't work out, maybe I'm going in the wrong direction.

To that end, I rented a tiny, tiny space at Country Flowers in Escondido. Today I went in and hauled some of my STUFF in to sell. I had fun setting up my space and deciding what goes where.

If you're in the area, come on by and check out my STORE as well as all the other fun furniture and goodies to be had. WARNING, unfortunately there is no air conditioning so pick a cooler day to check it out or wear your cute summer top.

Country Flowers, 523 West Valley Parkway, open Tuesday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm, lots of parking. This store is located on a one-way street heading west so mapquest it first before going if you have never been there before.

BEFORE A Blank Slate to work With.

AFTER my cupboards are filled :}

I sold 3 things while I was setting up sooooooooooooo exciting. Hope you get by.


Just call me Silly Sal said...

Good Job. Sounds like it's work but fun and that is the ideal way to have to work. Love all you have done to your home and someday want to go shopping with you!

Rita said...

So happy for you Jackie!
Lowes is having a sell on air conditioning? $100.00 and they are easy to instal...just plug it in and they cool off a big space. Something to mention to the store owner. Good luck my friend, you will have fun with your space. Ciao Rita

Sandy Michelle said...

That's so coool-congrats! I wish you lots of success with the store!

Sandy xox

Kristopher Gawron said...

Here's to you and your store's success! It takes a lot of work to make a store and a business grow, yet it's still quite fun.