Friday, January 22, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

I've been laid up for over a week being sick. I guess, in a way, if you have to be sick this was the week to be sick. It has been pouring and gusting so I wasn't missing out on much. I did have a "play date" set up with my friend Georgia but she was kind not wanting me to drive to her house in our "Hurricane weather". Since I was still a little sick...probably a good choice.
Soon Georgia, soon :}

I had gone thrift store shopping about 10 days ago and thought I would share my finds. I am a sucker for good old junk :}


I found this cool retro birthday candle from 1974. From Birth to College. It has been burned down to 3 years old but the box is really the find. So retro with it's images.

I think I will use the candle in my studio, light it while I work and enjoy it. The box well I'll be scanning and using the images and probably just display the box for awhile.

Look at this beautiful Saint I found! It's kinda inlaid on this heavy
piece of wood and has a gorgeous look. Had to have it.

For some reason I have become attracted to Saints and Regilious metals. I want to use them in my art but don't want to insult someone. Obviously, they do have a message and isn't that what art is about? Conveying a message. What do you think?

This beautiful block of wood is going to hang in my studio. It does have one scratch that is more visible so I want to somehow "blend" it in but not sure how to do that yet. Ideas?

I also got some corn on the cob picks. Some will be used for CORN ha ha The rest maybe "pokers" for paper piecing or something like that. I like to use common items for art projects.

Hmmmmmm, I thought I bought more but I guess it wasn't that much....hey! I'm getting better at shopping and only buying things "I need". ha ha

Have a great weekend.


icandy... said...

Great finds!! Love the sweet birthday candle and... anything religious always catches my eye!

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh my gosh that candle came out when I was born..LOL! I say use religious figures in your art because they are so gorgeous! I hope you're feeling better now and thanks for sending me all those lovely goodies!

Sandy xox