Monday, January 25, 2010


Today Bonnie and I went up to Anaheim to check out the wholesale CHA show. It did seem kinda empty or slower than other years but then I guess that is a reflection of the economy.

Although it was NOT reflected in the booths and the embellishments we saw. Lots of color and beautiful scrapbooking and art materials.

Of course, we gravitated to the vintage type vendors but you know what? As the years have past scrapbooking and altering have melded and made some AWESOME supplies and beautiful art for our scrapbooks and our mixed media creations.

There was alot of dress forms, shoes of paper or shoes glittered or gemmed, burlap, jewels, flowers made of paper, cloth, crepe paper and banners small for scrapbook layouts and made big for on the walls. They were made of canvas, paper, burlap.

It must be so hard for retailers to pick out the trends and know what to purchase. Glad we just had to be inspired and WE WERE. Here's the pics I took on my iphone, clear or fuzzy I know you'll find something to inspire you.

Whew! and that's only a little bit of the great stuff we saw :}


Sandy Michelle said...

Great pix! Wish I were there! At least I got to meet Tim H..hee,hee!

Sand xox

Just call me Silly Sal said...

Where were you? I saw tons of people but I didn't see you. . . Did you see Melody Ross' booth with DCG products? Now I'm not sure it is DCG. . . But, my favorite was Prima's booth once again. Love Donna Downing who has "stuff" with Prima.

I didn't take any photos. So tired and didn't want to carry one more thing or look at my phone. Way to long to be there from Friday til Wed.

Bonnie said...

CHA was fun. Thanks Jackie for your great mapping skills, we were able to see so many booths there and creative ideas. It was a great day. Love all your photos.
hugs, Bon