Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Bonnie

Well, as my usual self, I am behind in blogging and so this is a belated shout out to Bonnie for her birthday. Luckily, I got to attend a creative session and celebration for her birthday so I don't feel anything but good about knowing such a great person and actually creating a gift for her.

I was at a art show and saw a dress form display that was sooo cute. Bonnie and I had been out shopping one day and she had looked at some little dress forms for display but they were pretty pricey. So when I spied these little displays I knew I could use it as inspiration for her present.

I used a paper maiche dress form, a brass stick, a match stick box, paint and clay and glitter.

I cut a hole in my little dress form and put the box from the match stick box inside, gluing and sealing into place. Painting the overall surface BLUE (a Bonnie color :}

I took the brass candle stick and used those faux finishes to antique and rust the base. I used clay to shape a heart and used a letter "B" with glitter to personalize her dress form.

I love it when something comes out as I imagined (lots don't ha ha) and I think Bonnie liked it so my job was a success.

Happy Birthday Bonnie, glad you're my friend.

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Bonnie said...

Jackie, I LOVE the dress form you decorated so great for me. It is truly a piece of art. It is one of my most favorite gifts and so special that you made it for my birthday and of course it's BLUE :) Thanks for being such a good friend. I love my gift!