Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days of Whirlwinds with Family and Friends

Hey Everyone sorry it's been so long since I posted but I have just been in a whirlwind trying to do everything I "think" I should be doing. It is so true what they say that as you grow older time goes faster and I find it hard to get all I want to do done.

I have decided to cut back as necessary and paddle as fast as I can to catch up. I want to enjoy the holidays so I am working to get EVERYTHING done and in it's place so that will happen.....well here's hoping. ha ha

My sister and I took a trip to LA to visit my niece and her 3 kids and then a little side stop to visit her younger daughter's new apartment. I also had breakfast with my other niece and her two cutey kids....such fun. Kids are just so amazing.

I have joined a group of creativity ladies in a monthly swap and sometimes they come up with the wildest ideas of what we should use to create "art".

For September someone suggested using old wooden sewing spools and altering them. OKAY....I like the look of vintage, wooden sewing spools in a bowl but what the heck can you POSSIBILY make out a spool that would be cute, showy, or useable???? I racked my brain and luckily while shopping at my local thrift store something "called" to me and I came up with a plan. yay!

I found these cute little ceramic cherubs that are used for place settings. It had a blank slate to write the person's name for their place at the table....very cute and I could really see using them for their manufacturered purpose but what fun would that be??? :}

I painted a couple, some I left the original white. I used german glass glitter to make a place for my little quip...WISH, BELIEVE, HOPE, etc. I then glued them to a wooden spool (since it was a spool swap had to do it ha ha)

I finished them with lace that I wound on the spool. I figure this way the owner can use the lace for one of their projects.

Now I hope you like what I did but wait.............the cool thing about a swap is each person puts their slant on their creations and boy oh boy did they create some beautiful wooden spools...9

Saturday, September 19th I went to the Vignettes Anniversary Party in Ocean Beach. I picked up my friend Lydia (known her for like 30 years) and we had fun shopping and drinking champagne.

NO this isn't Lydia....this lady knows how to dress for an anniversary party doesn't she?

This is Lydia, California casual and loving every minute of it :}

My "internet friend" Sandy came to visit some friends and luckily she was in Coronado near me so I got to meetup with her and some other artsy friends for lunch. It is so wonderful to meet someone in person like Sandy. She is just as she "types" on the net and I have been drawn to her art and shopping sense mostly because it is essentially like mine. We had a great lunch and a short visit. Hope there will be more. BE sure and visit her blog, it's always interesting and PRETTY tee hee

My granddaughter's 21st birthday is October 10th so I am feverishly working on her scrapbook. It's coming along and I know she will love it. Hopefully she'll get to take it home cause the one I made for her brother, his Mother INSISTED on keeping it at her home. :}

Okay there's more that I've been doing but this makes me feel like I have caught you up to date "a little" and I can mark that off my "to do list" for a week or so.

I am REALLY working on my studio and luckily, Bonnie is helping me. Today we CLEARED and I now have a good feel what needs to be done..........I will have before and after pictures so hopefully you will get to see them in a few weeks and I will have a beautiful studio ready for play.

Hope your whirlwinds are full of money or love...hugs, jackie


Sandy Michelle said...

OH I didn't know you were at Vignettes for the event!! I love how your spool dolls turned out! My daughter's birthday is in October too, (tomorrow actually). I just knew we would meet one day and I am soo glad we did! The kids love their beanie ghosts and I LOVE my sock monkey-in-the-box!


Gloria said...

Yeah Jaqui you look busy and happy ..Thats so good. I hope you are having a nice San Diego fall season...O think of you often when I ride my bike by your house...

sandra Lee said...

WOW! You are one busy bee! Love your creations...hope to see you soon somewhere!Come to the Mermaid Mercantile the last sunday of the month if you can...its a fun time!

TUTU Monkey said...

I finally found you........:)

It was fun lunching with you a few weeks ago!! Hope you are doing well....see you soon:)