Monday, September 7, 2009

Class with Michael DeMeng

Wow, wow I am so happy I was able to take a class with Michael DeMeng. He is an "awesome" instructor. I had signed up for all 3 of his classes at Stamping Details but as time came closer I had to whittle it down to 1. One is better than NONE.

I took the Pez Dispener Totem was so much fun. Take a Pez Dispenser and transform it into a wonderful piece of art and STILL a pez dispenser!!!

Michael also brought these little pieces of art with him to sell. Kind of hard to see the detail but so dark and cool.

Check out Stamping Details and click on Classes to see pictures of the classes he taught. They are awesome....can't wait til next year when he comes back!!!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Michael does have an amazing gift for teaching I love that he take the time to have a critique after each class you learn so much with him. I had the chance to do an Italy workshop with him.

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh you're so lucky to take one of his classes and how neat to be making something out of a pez dispenser! Hope to see you next week!

Sandy xox