Thursday, October 22, 2009

Studio Clean Up! Sneak Peek :}

Still busy cleaning and de-stuffing. Gosh, where did I get all this STUFF?? Okay, okay I know I'm a shopper. I do realize when I find a deal for some reason I have to buy multiples instead of one. I SWEAR I am NOT going to do that in future.

This week I had a handyman in and he hung window blinds and shelves for ALL MY STUFF. It all won't fit but then I will purge some more.

I still have to clean out the garage cause YOU GUESSED IT I have MORE stuff! Then I will be ready to re-assemble the studio.

Of course, since I had the shelves put up I had to put some stuff out and play a little so I decided to take a picture to share.

Here's a little sneak peek. More soon, have a great weekend.

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

What to say we all have " stuff'