Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Bonnie!!!

My friend had her birthday October 10th and I wanted to make her something for her birthday but I'm still not in the "creative mood" with all the details I need to get into for the remodel but still I believe sometimes a handmade gift says so much more.

I was inspired by the doll Sandy of Sandyscreations did and submitted to Somerset. Hers is sooo cute but you can't see it until it hits the magazine. A sweet lady with a martini glass as her body.

Anyway, I decided to emmulate her and got this little blue bottle (Bonnie's favorite color!) and filled it with some beads and pearls and a little WISH ticket. Then I got a vintage ceramic statue of a little girl and I took my trusty hammer and whacked the head off!!! OFF There heads....ha ha

Luckily it came off without a hitch. I soldered it to the bottle top and did some soldering and adding of jewels at the bottom.

I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Bonnie said she loved it and hopefully it will fit in somewhere in her home. I hope she will think of a wish from a friend for happiness whenever she glances at it.



Sandy Michelle said...

Eeeek i am so happy I inspired you and let me tell you- that piece you made for Bonnie is FABULOUS!

Sandy xox

Bonnie said...

Jackie, so fun to see my wonderful birthday gift you made me on your blog. The birthday wishes made my day, thank you. I LOVE the blue girl bottle, and all the other goodies too. The bottle is so cute and creative and I love that it is handmade. It will have a special in my art studio :) and I will definitely think of your wish for happiness when I look at her. Thank you very much :) hugs, Bonnie