Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BLOG-Her Party at La Maison Rustique ala "The Barn"

Saturday, August 16 Temecula

7am Meet my friend Susan in front of Starbucks in Temecula.

She follows me to "the barn"

We unload both cars, put up a tent and start "building" our store.

By 9am we are pretty much setup and ready to go

I get a chance to take a quick peak at some of the other great booths setup all around us.

Wonderful, fun, vintage, shabby chic, parisian, beachy, strange, beautiful, artistic and more.

Lots of people, fun to meet and shop.

Noon, I think it's 90 degrees but thankfully I don't have a temp gauge to confirm.

2pm Along comes beautiful Jane from Art Takes A Village, she looks cool and cute. Wearing her sexy mesh stockings and high heel boots. Oh some people are just beautiful inside and out :}

I ask her if she will watch our booth while we make a starbucks run. I need a break and AIR CONDITIONING. She says sure and I ask what she would like.... a Green Tea Frappicino and a Turkey and Pesto Sandwich. Sure, ANYTHING if you will let me go ha ha

Susan and I take off down the road, ahhhh the air conditioning is cool and refreshing...love it!

We get to Starbucks and Susan hops off to the restroom....hmmmm she seems to be gone for a long time.........she comes back, she laughs I gave my feet a little bath. I said how did you get your feet in the sink ha ha No, no she just wiped them down with paper towels.

We order and drink water, enjoy the coolness as long as possible and then off we go back down the road to the barn.

Jane gets her drink and sandwich we sit and try to stay a little cool. I walk off and visit and take a few pics. Truly some wonderful art available here.

The Blog-Her party was in full swing with wine, lemonade, lemon bars, cakes and more.

I came back to Susan and said I don't feel well, I just have to leave. So we packed up fast and I never thought I would make it.......each step I kept thinking just a few more things. Susan, helped me sooo much and I thank my lucky stars she was there. She sells purses and only sold one....she realized the ladies were more interested in vintage and shabby chic than designer bags today BUT she never lost her smile.

I gathered as many cards as possible at the Blog Her party so I'm going to list them here with a link to their sites. Check them out and if you have a blog, give them a shout out because they weathered the heat in Temecula and still had fun :}



Ceilia P. Hidalgo So sad no blog, but she has such beautiful shabby chi decor and does wonderful things with jewelry.








Now I know I probably missed a couple booths and cards. So if you were there, please email me and I will be happy to add you to my blog.

Here's some pics to let you see how FAB it was!

Heat or no Heat it was a wonderful experience.

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