Saturday, August 9, 2008

And the Winner is.............

Sally ............thanks for all FOUR people :} that posted a comment on my blog. I appreciate that SOMEONE is reading ha ha Sally, I'll see you soon and will get your chunky page to you.

If you have some time check out Sally's new blog, you should. I love the pics of her art I don't feel bad with all my stuff and then some lovely history of her family.

As you know, I am a new owner of a Blythe doll, Natasha Moore. At Zen we'll be having a doll wedding of Miss Vicky's doll Eternia to Edward Scissorhand. I figured they needed a blog so I made one. So check it out, I am beginning a new career in writing trashy romance novels :}


It's looking cool and alot of that great look goes to Sandy who did the blog banner......if you need one, I recommend her work highly, check out her Etsy store.!!

Okay have to go write somemore to the Edward and Eternia story......have a great week.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for the plug girlfriend! I am off to read the ending of E&Es love story!