Thursday, May 29, 2008

Soldering 101

Well I promised myself TODAY I would do some art and I DID!

I will share some of my other art I made in another post but wanted to show you what I soldered.

I bought a kit from Simply Swank and watched the DVD the other day. Oh by the way, I have the soldering kit, book and DVD on sale on my website if you want to join me in learning to solder. Check them out by clicking here.

Oh, it looks soooo, bang, boom and I'll be a soldering queen in no time........well maybe not that quick :}

My first challenge was to get the clip art to fit the entire glass slide and when it didn't I just improvised and added some copper tape in a zig zag...doesn't look bad I think.

I felt awkward but don't we all when we first start doing a new technique? I didn't add a jump ring because I feel it could be ALOT better and the DVD says you can remove the solder just by reheating and do it over again so I might do that.

My friend, Alane, from Art Sizzles will be coming over to give me some tips and techniques next week so I am hoping I improve :}


peggy gatto said...

Very fun piece! I have yet to do this!!!! I am taking a class this summer with sally jean and hope I learn!!!

Jolee Jane said...

Good work!
adding the jump ring can be a bit like walking tightrope;)
You are well on your way- love the flirty lady.

purplepaint said...

Jackie - This turned out great! I need to get out to the garage now that it's warm and get some done! Marva

Sandy said...

You did such a good job at this Jackie! Soldering isn't easy!