Friday, August 20, 2010

OMG talk about Procastination!

I know I am the queen of procrastination and have to confess it here on my blog.

My sister took her daughter and friend to New York to see Wicked and spent a fun week of sightseeing. After her return, she asked me if I would do a scrapbook for my niece and my niece's friend.

I said sure, give me the pictures and I'll do it. It took her about 6 months to FINALLY get the pictures to me........that was about January, 2009!!

Ahhhhh yes, I've had these pictures in my hand for over a year and half....eeeeeekkkkk.....I started, stopped, changed my mind, started, stopped, got sick, went shopping, painted a room, watched TV, played with my friends.......started, labored over how terrible I get the picture.......PROCRASTINATION@!@!!

Well I am here to tell you TODAY I delivered the FINISHED scrapbooks to my sister, apologized over and over. She ooo'd and aww'd and complimented me and appreciated my work......luckily, she's my sister and she knows me and she had just moved on with her life while I agonized over getting those *@*#! scrapbooks done.

I'm really not sure why it was so hard for me......I wanted to make more of an altered scrapbook but in the end, because of all the photos felt it was better to be nearer to a "regular" I think that held me back as I kept questioning if it was too boring.

A weight has been lifted and now I feel like I can get back to creating with some of the ideas that have been flying through my head...........if I don't Procrastinate AGAIN. ha ha

Here's a few pics.............For Better or Worse.......they are DONE. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


Sandy Michelle said...

I think it was worth the wait because it turned out so beautiful. What a keepsake!


Lisa Loria said...

You are a GrEaT sister Jackie!
Procrastinator or not, that was LOVE to do that.
They look terrific!

geogems said...

I am so glad to finally see the "...I have to get it done" project! It was so far from boring. Worth waiting for...hugs, geo