Monday, August 23, 2010

Bling Baby

I was lucky enough to attend a class Sunday lead by the artist, Lisa Loria. Her "Bling Babies" are so cute and even useful as a jewelry holder. She has been selling these cuties for awhile now but decided to show us some of "secrets" to making these vintage babes.

The night before, I had my bag of doll parts, hack saw, glue gun and bird cage ready to go.

Lisa had the class in Rita's workshop in Rainbow, California. This, in itself, was a win-win situation because I have been wanting to check out Rita's workshop where she makes her lovely creations.

Greeted by Rita and Dean's 3 (I think there were only 3) doggies I walked into Rita's little workshop where the magic happens :} Lisa had her baubles, bling and lamp pieces and some of her Bling Babies ready for us to use and be inspired by.

We didn't have use our hack saws because Rita had a band saw and she got good at sawing little dollies in half.

Lisa helped us build our very own "bling babies" and gave us some great information and hints and techniques that helped us build our girlies into little works of art.

Here's some of the bling babies in different phases of their creation.

Here's a little collage of my bling baby Rita did for me.

If you get a chance to take this class from Lisa, do it!


Rita said...

Hi Jackie,
so nice to have you in Rainbow. See you soon for more creative weekends. Ciao Rita mammabellarte

Lisa Loria said...

It was so much fun! Thank you for
taking my class. We will have to do more at the Reade's!

Bonnie said...

Loved these Jackie. I'm glad you could finally use some of those doll parts! :) ..... These are all so different and creative, thanks for sharing. ..... Bonnie

geogems said...

Of course you had the right stuff! Good thing you didn't give them away :) I don't know where "Rainbow, Ca." is, but I'm in!!! With a GPS, (which I have)I could even get us there. Too, too cool for words!!!!