Sunday, August 9, 2009

Suzi Blu at Stamping Details

Suzi Blu's Art Journal..........oh you have to see this in cute!

What a great way to spend a Sunday, a class with Suzi Blu showing us how to draw cute faces.

Now if you haven't heard nor seen Suzi Blu....YOU WILL!!!! She will be in Somerset soon and her on-line drawing classes are fun, kitchy and full of great tips.

This little lady with a New Jersey accent, a pink wig and a little white dog, GiGi, makes me and my friends laugh and giggle as we try to emmulate her.

I'm not the best at drawing and don't pretend I will be in future but Suzi says forget all that "crap" and give it a try. I wasn't the best in class but I felt like a had an "aha" moment knowing with practice I could get better cause she has a easy formula to make it work WITH PRACTICE and blends in mixed media to make your drawings and journals "pop".

It was Suzi's birthday August 8th so of course we surprised her with cake, presents and Sally says "we're Suzi Groupies and I think it showed. ha ha

These pics are not completed but when Suzi puts them up on her blog, you'll see how they develop. Suzi's friend, Mara, was there to help with the 18 students. She had wonderful skills to help us too...I forgot to thank her...hope to meet her again. Thanks Mara :}

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Kat said...

I would have loved to take this class with you. Next time for sure! Awesome!