Saturday, January 10, 2009


I had fun today surprising my niece to wish her happy birthday (tomorrow). I figured either she and her family would be camping or at the Pancake House for breakfast :}

Her family, like mine for some reason loves to go to the Original Pancake House for a special breakfast. It's such a fun place for special occasions or a great way to start the day. So I thought, I'll just cruz on by and see if I can spot their car in the parking lot and "pop" in and surprise her.

Luckily, I timed it just right. Drove in the lot and there was their car. Eureaka!!! I was grinning with anticipation as I walked in and spotted them at a corner table. SURPRISE!!!! and she was:} Then I got to spend a few minutes having coffee while teasing my great-niece and watching my great-nephew coo and giggle.

What a lovely way to begin the day, just like having pancakes. Predictability comes in because my niece said "are we that predictable?" Let's face it....we all have our special places, times and patterns even though sometimes we don't realize it but that's okay. I think it creates memories OR.....let's me find them when I want. ha ha

Aren't they a beautiful family? I think so :}

After that fun stop and a fast stop at Target, I went home and started staining our new front door. It was either pay $275 to have someone do it or do it myself. I feel like we are living in a "money pit". Did you see that movie with Shelly Long? They buy a home and "pour" tons of money into it with no end in sight.

Well, I do see an end in sight and it's not that bad but I didn't PREDICT how much extra money is needed as we are doing our room addition. Who knew such small things add up like door knobs, paint, lights, fans, mirrors, etc.

You know what? It was fun and I was learning on-the-job. I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Here's the before..........

Here's the after..........

I do predict there will be more "fun" in the remodel in the future but at least it's predictable :}

Have wonderful week.


KayEllen said...

Such a pretty rich brown...Jackie!!!
Love it;0)

I am will be in San Diego on Tuesday...tomorrow!!
Hoping to connect with all you San Diego beach bloggers!

Email me!
Going to vignettes in the afternoon...


Sandy Michelle said...

It must have felt great to just pop in on your Niece like that! Love the stain on your door!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

A very lovely family indeed! You are doing an awesome job on that door!! wow!

Melanie said...

Your door looks great!! Looks like a pro job! ;)

geogems said...


I had fun catching up, but miss seeing you. Can't believe how busy you are...I think of you daily with my angel looking down on me. The addition is beautiful I'm sure. Can't wait to see it. xoxo georgia