Thursday, January 8, 2009

Art Meetups

I have been asked when I will start my art meetups again and it is now looking like it might not happen until March.

The remodel is about 75% done and I have "STUFF" everywhere. I kinda get organized and then the contractor wants me to move some "STUFF" because it might be in the way or might get dirty so off I go to "relocate" some more "STUFF".

How I yearn to have some space and time to create and be inspired :{

I WILL BE optimistic and believe soon all will done and I will be in full re-design mode for my new art studio so all is not lost.

I have alot of great ideas (I think) for our art meetups so be patient and keep on enjoying your own art and play dates and soon I can enjoy your company and inspiration at my home.

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sandra Lee said...

Happy New Year Jackie! I am looking forward to art meet ups!!! Especially now that I don't have my sweet shop...I miss it! Do you gals only do scapbooking things or are you open to other types of art???? Just wondering....