Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's Sunday evening and it's been a long and fun day. Can you guess what LB is stamped on our hands? Lovely Blonds, Little Bites, One Pound, Lovely Beautiful. Nooooo LONG BEACH. Long Beach California Flea Market.

Bonnie, Jane and myself had to wake up super early and drive from San Diego to Long Beach to check out the Flea Market. It's usually the 3rd week of each month but when there are 5 Sundays in a month, they have an additional show. It seemed huge to us and we covered most of it in 5 hours but vendors told us it is soooo much bigger on the regular days. Can't even imagine!!!

We brought our basket's. This is Jane and her basket. You she already has some great finds in there!

Bonnie buying some great old books with blue covers or was it blue bottles or was it blue you see a theme? Yes, Bonnie loves BLUE.

We made two trips to the car to drop off things. Jane got this great frame for $20! She has some jewels stuffed in her basket too!

What fun to see all the antiques and fun toys. These were a pair of ventriloquist dolls waiting for the right collector or decorator.

I wish I could show you all the great stuff but I was so busy shopping I forgot to take too many pictures. We packed up and took off towards San Diego but stopped in Costa Mesa for late lunch and shopping at Paris to the Moon (haven't must go if you are in the LA area). This is a hat made in a cone shape and looking like a bride....beautiful.

I'll close now but tomorrow I'll add another comment and some picks of an odd purchase I made at the flea market so please check back in and give me some input as to what you would do with them. ?????????