Friday, July 30, 2010

Play Date

Yesterday I went to Georgia's, a friend of mine. Georgia is a very talented artist and always has alot of fun ideas.

Sometimes we take on a big project and other times we just share our projects and discuss what's happening in our lives. So since we didn't have a specific project, but I had brought along my umbrella to show Georgia my flowers that I am attempting to cover it with......we decided to just make FLOWERS and talk.

Of course, one cannot "create" without dragging out tons of stuff and pile it on the table.....we need "stuff" to dig thru ha ha

Check out this cute project Georgia had for a class using paperclay. They're "shell people". Made out a wood block, paperclay for molding the face and shells to embellish. cute!

Georgia also had some pages from an altered book she's making out of cardboard. A little paint, collaging, stamping....oooh it's going to be lovely when she's done.

Okay, enough show and tell.....down to chatting and making flowers for my umbrella and whatever Georgia's want to do with hers.....who knows :}

We got busy....and had some fun!

Making flowers reminds me to take time to smell the flowers along the way and enjoy those friendships that make us happy. Thanks Georgia can't wait for our next "play date."

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geogems said...

Well---Georgia LOVES IT. It was a fun should see the rolled flowers I have made. (thanks to Jackie) I was at my daughter's pool yesterday, and made a dozen outside. the only downer in this project is the yucky stuff on your hand. Speaking of hands---mine have lots of character. Thanks Jackie---you're the best.