Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's Raining and I'm Sooo Happy!

It's been rainy here in San Diego the last couple days but construction work continues at our home.

The good news, yesterday the inside of our remodel is DONE!!!! Yay! There is some little things to be done but we can now move in. Next week we'll be moving stuff downstairs and stuff upstairs but in the end we will have our new bedroom and I will be able to start arranging my new art studio!!!!!!!

There will NOT be a Art Meetup for February but I'll be having a BIG Blow-out Art Meetup gathering in least that's my goal (Maryam break out the champagne). Wow! how could I be talking about March, 2009 already..........time is flying :}

I decided to let you in blogland know some of the things I would like to have so you can keep your eyes open for me and let me know if you find such things.

I really want a vintage 45 record player (that works) I think it would be so fun to have sock hop art meetup with scratchy old records.......some of us would remember others (youngsters) would laugh.

I am also looking for shelving for along the top of walls. I already have some pieces from the remodel. Nothing fancy....long pieces of flat wood?

Tables, I think rectangle is the best. Obviously, this is for work space.

Folding Chairs or old bar stools. I intend to have some high work space along with normal seat height.

A couple of child's chairs, I already have a little table.

Folding beds. Since we might have sleep overs and I might have guests in the future. I decided to get a couple of folding beds to store in the closet. These are harder to find than I imagined, so keep your eyes open for me.

That's my wish list so far. I have plenty of altered items and scrapbooking things which we will use to our best abilities soon.

Does anyone out there know how to take the mirror from this vanity and make it into a hanging mirror? If you have instructions, please let me know. thanks.

Have a great week. jackieb


geogems said...

Did you say done???? YIPEE...Keep listing needs. Unfortunately I don't have what you are looking for this time...
As for the mirror. I have seen them taped verry securely before even trying to remove. The rest is pretty tedious...
So far I have been zero help, except to say, good to hear from you and my angel looks down on me daily---which makes me think of you daily and smile...Geo

sandra Lee said...

Hip Hip Hooray! How exciting for you... I will keep my eyes and ears open for things you are looking for. Have fun decorating and I look forward to your art meet up in March!!!!

Anonymous said...

they now sell 'record players' at most places that sell stereos...I still have one (hubby's) and I have al my old 45's plus more (over 2000) my daughter loves to go thru them and play them..I even have my old beatles albums...they are such fun...when I get rich (lol) I'm gonna get me an old rockola jukebox!
Hope you get to have your sock hop!