Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cricut For Sale

You may or may not have read on my blog but I picked up a Cricut Expressions on Black Friday and so now I don't think I need a Cricut and Cricut Expressions sooooo anyone out there need a Cricut? $80 like new. I have the box. It WILL NOT come with any cartridges or extras.

Oh, I also have an extra Cricut power cord (don't ask :} but if you are missing one, this one is $40 BRAND NEW bought directly from

If you're in town we can meet and exchange. If you are not, I will only charge you the exact shipping cost.

I was going to list these on Ebay but I have decided to start listing some of my items on my blog.

Today we got Insulation in our remodel Woo Hoo it's warmer already. Now it's like 60 in here instead of the 50's. We have become adapt in building fake walls to block the air flow from the living room to our family room....where we live during the's small and compact and pretty cozy when we have our floor heaters on :}

The room addition is moving along pretty smoothly so at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all will be amazed when they see it...I hope.

Night...stay warm.


Jolee Jane said...

Happy Holiday my dear
Hope Santa brings you TONS!!

Mrs. B said...

I need a power cord, but how would you collect payment if I do not live near you? I have a paypal account...not sure how we could do that though! I have been looking for a few months for a cord. I will check back on your blog soon for a reply, or you can email me at
Can't wait to hear from you! Love your blog!