Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Art Meetup--Check out our Party Dolls!!!

We had a fun Art Meetup today led by Georgia. She brought TONS of "stuff" for us to use (which is always fun). Georgia showed us how to use CD's and other empherma to make our cute little party girls.

Diana was having fun drilling holes for her legs and arms. She also brought some cute metal shoes and sunglasses that were oh sooo cute on the "party girls". Thanks Diana!

Georgia had us heat our CD's in hot water and then cut. It's suppose to make it easier but those CD's are tough! Georgia swears CD's are not made as good as they used to be, making it harder for us to cut...but we did it and they looked FAB!!!

All the ladies had fun collaging and putting together their "girls" while we laughed and played. If you know anyone at this meetup, see if you can pick their "party girl" out.


Bet's Crayons said...

HALLOWEEN is my favorite time of the year...And I just love your new banner!
I'm so sad I had another commitment today and couldn't make the party dolls.
Way to go Georgia...great job teaching these dolls...they're great!

Gloria said...

Thank you for having us over I had a blast...Gloria

Jolee Jane said...

Wow! love these fun and funky ladies! Cant wait to see them up close and personal;)
Love your banner too- I am so ready for all the autumn fun! my fav time of the year
Miss you
Jolee jane

KayEllen said...

What fun you ladies had!!!Sure wish I lived closer to:)
Thanks for sharing your creative day!


Denise Elizabeth said...

They are so cute. Blessings Denise